2015 m. rugsėjo 27 d., sekmadienis

Emilija / Emily

Emilijos dydis 46 cm. Jos galva, kaklas, krūtinė, delnai, kojos iki kelių iš paperclay, kūnas tekstilinis, sujungtas 10-čia medinių sujungimų. Lėlės pozą galima keisti, galvą sukioti, pati nestovi. Drabužiai -medvilnė, batukai- oda, nenuimami. Nuimama tik skrybelaitė.
Emily is 46 cm tall. Her head, neck, palms, legs up to the knees are made of paperclay, the rest of the body is made of fabric and joined together with the help of 10 wood connections.The doll is not self-standing, but she can be moved around and her body posture can be slightly altered. The clothes are made of cotton, shoes - of leather and are not removable. Only the hat can be removed.